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You should definitely give this book a try. Where Perl gets unruly after 20 or 30 lines, Python remains neat and readable, making even the largest projects easy to manage. But, you will get the big picture of programming concepts in the book which you may not find elsewhere. These interpreters can be as short as a few hundred lines. I encourage you to go further and add new elements to your language and compiler, here are some ideas: Statements New Binary Operators Multiplication, Division Unary Operators If Statement While Stametement Feel free to send me any compiler projects. It takes great effort to keep Perl and PHP programs readable. To stop ambiguities, the parser must take into account parenthesis and the order of operations. The documentation is just as important as the compiler, and still needs plenty of work! When the download is complete, open the package and follow the instructions. Future stages of the pipeline will not refer back to the original source code, so the lexer must produce all the information needed by them.

So, we change parser. This concept is more complex than a list of tokens, so I highly recommend a little bit of research about Parsers and ASTs.

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And yet, I still made a completely new language. Lexing The first step in most programming languages is lexing, or tokenizing. How Does Python Compare to Perl? These interpreters can be as short as a few hundred lines.

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Because of the syntax of PHP and Perl, it is much harder to code programs that exceed 50 or lines. Get this book Final Words Python is a terrific language.

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