Hlf business plan guidance

Hlf business plan guidance

There are some references in our inclusion guidance or you can use data sources held by tourist organisations or local cultural organisations If your organisation has a conservation management plan what does it tell you about why your heritage is important and who it is important for? Your staff : who will lead the various activities? This involved sifting through a lot of data! Do you need to make organisational changes to make it happen? Allow plenty of time for step 2. Think about evaluation Review the various evaluation methods available to you , for example, surveys, observation, comments books and decide which is appropriate for each activity. Work on the budget Work out the direct costs of equipment, materials, freelance staff, travel etc. Work out in-kind contributions , for example, volunteer time or other contributions to your activity. Do they have the knowledge and skills required? You may need to wait to complete this section until you have drafted the action plan including your methods of evaluating individual activities. Manage it Be prepared to take an active role in managing the planning process. Manchester Museum Museum for Life ideas Business Plan Alongside thinking about everything we want to do with and for our audiences, we also needed to produce a project business plan, which HLF guidance states should show how you achieve the following aims: how you have assessed the full financial implications of undertaking the project how you propose to meet any new financial commitments arising from it how you have assessed the impact the project will have on your organisation and its finances what changes you will make to your organisation to ensure that the outcomes of the project can be delivered and will be maintained for the long term. Get specialist help You and your team may well need a specialist to help you prepare your plan, do audience research and perhaps to make sure you and your team have the skills to implement it, especially if you do not have a history of engaging the public.

Your existing data Review your existing user informationfor example, in house visitor data or material you have form people who have been involved in your activities evaluations, comment books, letters Collect new data on your current user profile if you need to.

Involve people Use the process to bring together the people who will be essential to the success of your project. Specifically, our experience includes: Drafting the comprehensive business plan guidance published by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The consultation process for the development of the activity plan should include research to inform the activity plan and to inform visitor number, income and expenditure projections.

Again, drafting this document and the work behind it has taken a long time. Make sure the document draws on a wide range of views. Parallel to this, we are also busy looking for interesting partners to work with on our activity development and hosting more consultation events, to check in with the public on our developing ideas and themes to ensure they remain relevant and exciting to everyone.

Activity plan guidance Activity plan guidance An activity plan sets out everything you will do as part of your National Lottery-supported project to achieve positive outcomes for the people involved.

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Manage it Be prepared to take an active role in managing the planning process. You may need to wait to complete this section until you have drafted the action plan including your methods of evaluating individual activities.

How will you share lessons with others? We are also starting to work in more detail on the potential exhibition programmes for our new SEG and the displays for our SAG — which are only at the very earliest stages. This will form a baseline from which to measure the difference your project has madefor example, in terms of activity such as the recruitment of new staff or volunteers.

It is important everyone in your organisation is happy with the activity plan.

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You will need to tell us how you will cost and create the activity plan in your first round application. Effective collaboration across the project and client team is required to ensure communication is effective and the project development process effective. Consider the resources you need to undertake evaluation , for example, people, money, time. The detailed budget for activities will be in section 3 of the activity plan and your project spreadsheet. The information from this additional planning may help inform your activity plan, of course. Creating your activity plan There are three steps to help create an activity plan: Step 1: Where you are now Step 2: Make strategic decisions about engaging people Step 3: Action planning There is no set format for presenting an activity plan, except for Step 3 the action plan , where we provide a template. How will the activities link to the outcomes you want to achieve? Make sure to cross-reference the relevant information in your activity plan e.

Talk to the other people planning your heritage project to make sure you have made the most of opportunities.

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