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Joker arrives at the peak of the volcano.

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After being told that the opening ceremony has been postponed, Joker heads for Infant Isle to take the Scout's Pledge. Islands The game takes place in the region known as the Green Bays archipelago, consisting of seven islands.

The shrine on Celeste Isle is in a seemingly unreachable place, but Joker is able to solve the puzzles of the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon and open the way to the shrine. Helm Splitter or Oomph le help attackers reach maximum damage output.

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The increased growth will make a big difference in the stat totals of your monsters over the course of many levels. Weakening Wallop can really cripple some monsters, including key bosses.

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The battle system itself is very similar to previous Dragon Quest Monsters games. On the other side of the discussion, don't feel obliged to use this monster if you'd rather play around with other options, or if you simply prefer other monsters. Please help Dragon Quest Wiki by expanding it. That said, there are some skills that really shine during the story portion of the game, and are worth special mention: Obviously, you need healing on at least one of your monsters. The monster families have been rearranged into a different categorization, so some monsters are in different families than they were on previous Dragon Quest Monsters games:. The only way to get these monsters is to visit a DS Station in Japan or get all the monsters in the player's library and talk to a non-player character in-game. Material Family monsters have the HP and defense to have staying power in fights. After choosing his first monster, Joker heads for Domus Isle. Only monsters at level 10 can be synthesized. I tried to make this easier to read than the other one, so I removed the Japanese names of Monsters and Skill Sets, replaced the names with the ones actually ingame and rearranged the layout. Another note about experience: just like stat growth, each monster has a hidden modifier that determines what experience curve is used to calculate when that monster levels up. The battles are against the monster teams of higher and higher ranked other players.

For each battle you win, you get a reward, either an item or a monster. There are also skill seeds, which can be found during the night, and give 3 skill points to the selected monster. Fert Isle - jungle island; where the jail is located.

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Unlike stat growth, a monster's experience growth is fixed and cannot be changed. This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. There are a few interesting notes that come out of these formulas. Metal Slash is obviously nice for fighting metals and raising exp. After the desired skills are received, you can synthesize these together and you will have a rank S mumboh-jumboe. More than different monsters are available to scout and synthesize. The only known affect of monster plus number is that it is used to calculate the level cap of a monster. Since this skill is kind of rare, also look for monsters that can equip whips. Use Skill Points Wisely Early on in your adventure, when skill points are still hard to come by and having the right skills can make the first few islands a breeze, you will want to coordinate your skill point investments with your synthesis plans.

Snap to Fert Isle. Having been imprisoned for attempting to join without permission, Joker meets with Warden Trump, his father and leader of CELL, a secretive monster research organization.

Trump gives Joker permission to join the tournament, but only to spy on the proceedings. Contents [ show ] Polarity, Monster Levels and Skills There are three types of monsters that can be synthesized together.

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